Looks Peaceful Doesn’t It? Wrong. The Snake Bitten, Solitary Writing Retreat

11 thoughts on “Looks Peaceful Doesn’t It? Wrong. The Snake Bitten, Solitary Writing Retreat”

  1. I had no idea how you were suffering on your escape weekend, but then again I should have, I suppose, because I’ve spent so many similar weekends with you.
    I expect all writers eavesdrop, and you never know when you might need to use a salami sandwich in a story so it’s just as we’ll you had table mates who were chatty.


  2. ‘Sorry, after hitting “post” I couldn’t figure out how to edit we’ll and change it to well so perhaps you can do it so the comment doesn’t hurt your ears when you read it.


  3. Let’s leave it. No one will notice, even though you have pointed it out. And I don’t know what I’ve ever done to give you the impression that poor grammar makes me demented. (Tee hee.) Btw, there is a comma error in this writers’ retreat blog post. Can you find it before I edit? Good luck!


  4. Under the same circumstances, this how my blog would read, “I had booked a room at a rural inn so that I could have a few days away from my hectic household to concentrate on my writing. The Sam Adams truck came by to make a delivery. The end.” I like your version much better.


  5. Dear Kristin,
    Finding your mother chuckling away at the dining room table, I politely interrupted her with an inquiry. She showed me your blog which begged the question, how does a single person ( for descriptive reasons only, don’t get any funny ideas) capture and secure the only 8 foot long picnic table in sight on a gorgeous summer day?
    Sarge immediately came to mind, but alas, poor planning or, no dogs allowed. A “wet paint” sign may dissuade but the thirsty wood collection begs for wet paint.
    Introducing the fair skinned Adirondacks to each other might attract Salami central.
    If these suggestions turned out to be as effective as an Obama foreign policy initiative, Kerry not withstanding or sitting, then I would move on to smoky Sam and perfect balance ( not after a couple of pops) Ultima, in no particular order.
    I vote for Sarge.
    Love, Papa


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