I Will Never Be Like Laura Ingalls

7 thoughts on “I Will Never Be Like Laura Ingalls”

  1. This is an excellently written article, Kristin, very well thought out. It was your choice of food items that needed more research. leeks and onions share about 100% of their DNA and you do not like onions. I’d steer clear of shallots, too. You can never be too careful. Just make your award winning pumpkin cake Kristin if you want your children to eat vegetables.


  2. I can cook, I know how to locate a tenderloin AND leeks, hell, I can even whip up a pie like that without a recipe. My problem is that I’d so much rather be doing other things (like reading this hysterical blog post). And now that there’s just me and Pa in this house, I don’t feel as obliged to do it.

    Any word on when that “Ruling the World” gig starts? I’m counting on you, Kristen!


  3. You can cook without a recipe book? You don’t need Half-pint’s instructions? Well, you need to start ruling the world RIGHT NOW, Mary. We need someone like you in charge. Good thing you have that Pa at home, though. Ruling the world is tough. You’re going to need someone to go to the Lost and Found for you when you lose your mind. 🙂


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