The Winter that Broke the People

7 thoughts on “The Winter that Broke the People”

  1. Absolutely, Nancy! You serve the alcohol and cigarettes and Mary and I will rent a snow plow for the drive. If next winter is anything like this winter, we’re going to need to share a few laughs!


  2. I love your blog, Kristin, I can’t wait for your treatise on the New England mud season, should it ever come this year.
    I knew winter was still with us when, on Easter Sunday, Dan got the snow blower, from the barn, and plowed the yard to clear a diamond for the annual Bunnyball game.
    Good news, though, the robins are setting up housekeeping, again, and are shivering in their summer home, deep inside the evergreen. If they’re sticking it out, so can we. No babies yet, but I’ll call Nick as soon as I see the eggs. We may be a broken people, but spring will come again. Does that sound preachy?


  3. I think maybe snow blowing the Whiffle ball field to play the annual Bunnyball game is proof that in fact we are not broken. Down, certainly, but not out. We shall not be vanquished!


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