My Aging Neck: A Birthday Lament

5 thoughts on “My Aging Neck: A Birthday Lament”

  1. Not to worry, Kristin, both you and Ben look exactly like your Grandmother Condon, who remained a beauty until the day she died, well into her eighties. You and your Ben will be all set, and will continue to look youthful well beyond age one hundred.
    You will always be pretty.

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  2. Oh, lordy this lament sounds familiar. I would wear scarfs or turtlenecks if I could, but I can’t stand anything around my throat. I always feel like I’m being strangled. Now, if I could acquire one of those Dorian Gray painting . . .

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  3. Oh, my darling. Miss Ephron has nothing on you! My Irish eyes are smilin’, for certain sure, but my neck’s another story entire…


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