The Gardener Who Could Not Cook

It’s not easy being a gardener who can’t cook.

I have pots of gorgeous parsley, coriander, and watercress. I have trays of salad BLOG purple beansgreens and spinach. The rows of peas and carrots and beets and beans are pushing through. Pretty soon, we’ll have tomatoes and cucumbers and radishes.

The problem is, I have no idea what to do with this stuff.

Can you just eat a parsley?

I grew the watercress so I could be like my royal cousins and eat watercress sandwiches with my tea, but what do you put in a watercress sandwich? Just leaves? Or is there a special, royal brand of mayonnaise that one uses for this type of thing? tea timeAnd can you use a bulkie roll? Because that’s usually all we have in the house. Bulkie rolls and English muffins. Also, I usually drink coffee in the afternoons. Do watercress sandwiches on bulkie rolls or English muffins go with coffee? Something tells me I’m not doing this right.

I feel like I have to eat leaf after leaf of microgreens or all my gardening efforts will go to waste. Did I really just grow these trays of greens to toss them in the compost pile? What was the point?

Do not be too impressed. These pictures are from last year.
Do not be too impressed. These pictures are from last year.

And forget about preserving this stuff. If I can’t cook with it, I certainly don’t trust myself to can it and eat it safely at a later date. I am just the kind of inept cook who would preserve my beets and tomatoes along with a raging dose of botulism.

Not to worry about the potatoes, though. I can tell already that come potato harvest, I will have pounds and pounds of them. At this rate, I’ll be microwaving potatoes and garnishing them with parsley well into the New Year. potatoesinbowl


Author: kristinrusso

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