Garden of Envy

6 thoughts on “Garden of Envy”

  1. Kristin, your garden in the woods is wonderful; it reminds me of the forest primeval! You worked hard and it paid off, but are the fairies and wood sprites okay with it?

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    1. The fairies and the wood sprites are perfectly happy. It’s Aine I’m worried about. Did you know she’s the summer goddess of love and light? I’m pretty sure she’s going to like it, too.


  2. That’s it, it’s nettle that got you! Shades of Ireland! You’d think we would have learned our lesson and not mess with Aine’s sanctuary.


  3. Creating a woodland garden is hard! There are weeds here the size of which I never knew existed.. taller than me. That may be a soft target for a human but it’s really going some for a weed! And then there’s the critters. Be prepared for everything you plant to get eaten and then your expectations will be set about right. But we will do it and so will you. You sound determined. Good luck!

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    1. It’s true, woodland gardening is tough, but it’s so addicting. Whenever I’m out there, I feel restless and want to start a new little project as part of the bigger one. Right now, we’re not planting new things, just pushing back on overgrowth to showcase what we like that’s already there. We found a Japanese maple that has potential to really be something, a wild blueberry bush, and a few swamp azalea bushes that right now smell like perfume. Gorgeous. I’m having a great time reading your rusty duck stories. Have fun!


      1. That sounds very exciting. Finding good stuff is a real bonus. My pride and joy happens in May when the woodland floor erupts in English bluebells. The rest of the year it’s all fallen and rotting trees, thickets of elder saplings, ground elder and stinging nettles. No poison ivy though..


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