Potatoes, Peanuts, and Pippin

7 thoughts on “Potatoes, Peanuts, and Pippin”

  1. Good luck with the peanuts. It’s been the great vegetable famine here, not just potatoes! We had a very cool Spring, everything suffered, and just when it was starting to pick up, the molluscs moved in. Hey ho.. next year!

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    1. We had a strong pea turn-out, but our tomatoes are sluggish and the peppers? Forget it. They are not showing up this year, at all. And you’re right, the beauty of gardening is that there’s always next year!


  2. I don’t think it’s anything you did, or didn’t do, not to have exceeded last year’s potato crop. Experienced farmers (not that you’re not one) have good crop years and not so good crop years.
    I’m glad to see the picture of your peanut plant so I know what one looks like. I didn’t discover my peanut packet until a few weeks ago when I emptied out a bag, still with school stuff in it. I thought it might be too late to plant peanuts, but I planted them, anyway, only covering them with a little bit of soil, that watering washed away. I never had much hope for a peanut crop. Actually, I thought the ground hog had broken open and eaten them all, but one sprouted and the leaves look just like your peanut plant leaves. Maybe we can start selling peanuts at Ben’s baseball games.

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  3. Ha ha ha. So sorry, Kristin. I’m in Idaho where the potato plants are in full bloom and gorgeous. We will soon have many and we’re happy to share! Thanks for the cute post. :O)

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