Summer sets on the Garden of Envy

6 thoughts on “Summer sets on the Garden of Envy”

  1. You’ve achieved an incredible amount. I know how hard it is too. You have mozzies too huh? Here the midges are the worst. Or the horse flies. I read somewhere recently they home in on the CO2 we exhale. So if I garden in a diving helmet perhaps they’ll leave the rest of me alone?
    That lightening shot is awesome.

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    1. Thanks so much! I love looking at the gardening pictures that you post on your blog to get ideas and inspiration. We put up the screen house tent to see if it would be a good place for a permanent screen house, and since it is, I think I want something in the way of a tea shed. 🙂 And the lightning picture is an actual picture of the sky over the town where I live, Scituate, RI, on the night of the crazy storm. It rained lightning!


      1. That would work, you could have bug screen over the window and door. It would look great in the woodland. I should have one too.. a writing den! With maybe a stove for winter? Oh, getting carried away now 🙂

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  2. Not getting carried away at al1! We have a little greenhouse made of vintage windows and we put a stove in last spring. I write in there in fall and spring when it’s not too hot and not too cold. It’s not in the woodland garden, though. It’s in the fenced-in yard so the dogs can join me out there. I’ll post pictures in my next blog post. It’s heaven! Happy gardening, Jessica!


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