For me, creating a blog has been an elusive beast.

A place to sitIt’s something I’d meant to do years ago, but instead I raised children, finished graduate school, adopted rescue dogs, worked fulltime, then part time, then fulltime, and now part time again. I planted a garden, rearranged furniture, threw birthday and graduation parties, went out to dinner, walked in the woods and on the beach, travelled, wrote, read, and even did the dishes and the laundry now and then.

BLOG white flowers on bridgeAll along, when something weird or amazing would happen, like I’d be tapped by a ghost at a haunted old theater, or my daughter would touch Hadrian’s Wall and understand for the first time how big and how small the world actually is, or my dog would say, “Thank you,” in English, I would think, “That’s funny. Wouldn’t that make a great blog post?”

So now, going forward, whenever anything amazing or weird happens, I can share it here, and I hope your weird and amazing stories will echo back to me.

BLOG fairiesKristin Russo is a writer, teacher, and insatiable reader. She lives in northwest Rhode Island with her family and a menagerie of small, medium, and large-sized dogs. If you’re looking for her, look first in the garden.

Please come visit on Twitter @KristinJRusso  and Facebook

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