Humor at Home & in the Garden

Sarge thinks he is dragon-sized.

Motherhood brings with it untold joy and untold craziness. Here are a few posts on what it’s like to live and play and grow and learn in the Russo household.

In 2018, I hereby resolve . . .

The World According to Sarge

Where the Wild Things Are

My New World of Hygge

Leaving Day

Don't tell Wrigley he's not a lap dog. He doesn't want to hear it.
Don’t tell Wrigley he’s not a lap dog. He doesn’t want to hear it.

How to Decorate with a Hammer

The Gardener Who Could Not Cook

What Do You Mean, Father’s Day is Not for Me? 

The Garden of Envy

Work Continues on the Garden of Envy

The SSO Story: An Annual Retelling

My Aging Neck: A Birthday Lament

Please World, Take Care of my Daredevil

Summer Dog Days

The Real Russo Family Christmas Letter

Shhh! Do not disturb Pippin She is very busy right now.
Shhh! Do not disturb Pippin. She is very busy right now.

The Purple Fingerpaint Debacle of 1974

Music and the Huge, Gaping Head Wound

Pippin, Peanuts, and Potatoes

When you’ve had your innards removed

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